• National Historic Landmarks Program


National Historic Landmarks Program


National Historic Landmarks (NHLs) are nationally significant historic places designated by the Secretary of the Interior because they possess exceptional value or quality in illustrating or interpreting the heritage of the United States. Today, just over 2,500 historic places bear this national distinction. Working with citizens throughout the nation, the National Historic Landmarks Program draws upon the expertise of National Park Service staff who guide the nomination process for new Landmarks and provide assistance to existing Landmarks.

Milestone Anniversaries for Two National Historic Landmarks

The National Park Service owns and administers a small percentage of the approximately 2,600 National Historic Landmarks (NHLs). Although most of the properties located in national park units are owned by the National Park Service, not all are. Two of these NHLs are marking their one-year anniversary as units of the National Park System: Harriet Tubman National Historic Park on January 10 and the Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument on January 13. The Tubman Home for the Aged, Harriet Tubman Residence, Thompson A.M.E. Church was designated an NHL on January 3, 2001. Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument includes the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, which was designated on February 20, 2006, but still operates as a privately owned and active church. Happy First Anniversary to these two NPS units!

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