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Archeology at Voyageurs

A small-scale fieldwork project was conducted at Voyageurs National Park in June, 2003. Work included archeological study at locations proposed for campsite renovation, modern structures being considered for removal, and at other existing and proposed visitor use areas. Unusually low water conditions exposed shorelines that are normally inundated by the park’s lakes and those settings were also a focus for archeological investigations. The park, east of International Falls, Minnesota, has a long and complex history of human use dating back over 10,000 years. Fifteen previously unrecorded sites were discovered by the archeological team this summer. Several previously known sites were also revisited. The field team was directed by Midwest Archeological Center (MWAC) archeologist Jeff Richner with crew members Mary Graves, Cultural Resource Specialist at Voyageurs National Park (VOYA), Kurt Fogelberg, Forestry Technician (VOYA), Seth Lambert, Archeological Technician (MWAC), and MWAC volunteers David Mather, Richard Webster, and John Banks. The following images provide a suggestion of the park’s beauty as well as depicting some of the 2003 archeological activities.

Project Photos Main

DSCN1917.jpg (54kb) DSCN1922.jpg (71kb) DSCN1923.jpg (64kb) DSCN1925.jpg (33kb)
DSCN1931.jpg (73kb) DSCN1933.jpg (74kb) DSCN1938.jpg (58kb) DSCN1943.jpg (29kb)
DSCN1946.jpg (70kb) DSCN1958.jpg (49kb) DSCN1965.jpg (56kb) DSCN1978.jpg (79kb)
DSCN1984.jpg (68kb) DSCN1992.jpg (39kb) DSCN2000.jpg (33kb) DSCN2006.jpg (63kb)
DSCN2007.jpg (70kb) DSCN2022.jpg (59kb) DSCN2042.jpg (34kb) DSCN2071.jpg (65kb)
DSCN2073.jpg (72kb) DSCN2082.jpg (67kb) DSCN2084.jpg (62kb) DSCN2102.jpg (53kb)

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