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Indiana Dunes, 2003

Midwest Archeological Center Archeologist Jay Sturdevant spent several weeks in the Spring of 2003 at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore (INDU).  From late April through mid-May, Jay worked with various park staff to investigate the areas around a number of Reservation of Occupancy and Use (ROU) structures scheduled for removal by INDU. 

Project Photos Main

Creek bed from which lithic samples were drawn. INDU landscape architect Ehn collecting lithic samples. Creek running into Lake Michigan. MWAC and INDU staff shovel testing at Hjelm Road ROU.
INDU staff shovel testing Examining excavated sediments for artifacts. Investigating potential archeology at an ROU structure prior to its removal. Munsell soil color charts are used to standardize descriptions of sediments
What is it? Portion of the Ly-co-ki-we Trail. Vegetation in foredune along lakeshore. Excavating test units at ROU.
Screening test unit sediments. Taking a break... Examining the shoreline. Done.

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