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The Goetz site: Earthwatch in Jackson Hole, 2002

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Crew members on hillside receiving instruction Team gathered around excavation unit Team gathered around excavation unit Researcher using fluxgate gradiometer.  Person walking with equipment across sagebrush meadow
Two people excavating a  unit on a hillside One person looks on and one screens sediment while a third excavates a test unit on a hillside Team members mapping a profile.  One man stands in excavated unit with tape and other sits on bucket with clipboard. Two team members excavating a test unit on a hillside
Volunteer inspecting a compass Two volunteers map a test unit profile with the help of a researcher Two volunteers excavating test unit on a hillside Two volunteers sitting and talking in a test unit
Two volunteers smile for the camera Researcher mapping the site with an electronic transit Overview of the valley.  Sagebrush meadow and foothills. Team II gets introduction to the site.  Seven people in clearing of sagebrush at base of slope.
The Grand Tetons in the morning      

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