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The Goetz site: Earthwatch in Jackson Hole, 2003

MWAC archaeologists Ken Cannon and Molly Boeka Cannon are investigating human use of bison in prehistory at the Goetz site, located on the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This site has been known for decades, and was investigated some in the 1970s; the current project has been expanding on what we know about prehistoric people in Jackson Hole for several field seasons. Thanks to the cooperation of agencies like the National Park Service, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Earthwatch Institute, research about what ancient people hunted and ate in this area continues to move forward. This project has dozens of volunteers to thank; they have provided thousands of hours toward excavation and data collection.

A report on the 2002-2003 field work is available (PDF 1.7M).

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Group of people on chairs in tent Bluebird and vegetation Three people hand excavating a test unit Closeup of alpine flowers
Two people mapping artifacts in a test unit while one person looks on Two people examining contents of excavation screen Overview of camp and work area with dark clouds looming Portrait of three smiling women
Six people seated on bench Closeup of butterfly among grass blades Closeup of alpine flowers Two people seated in tent in winter outerwear
Man and boy screening excavated dirt together Group of fourteen happy people with mountains in background Six people in meadow with mountains in background Three people in meadow with mountains in background
Two people working on excavation unit One person kneeling over gridded test unit while another sits nearby with clipboard Person kneeling over gridded test unit, mapping artifacts Chipped stone artifacts in place in excavation unit
Six people on ridge with valley and mountains in background Overview of valley and mountains with light filtering through clouds Four people smiling in front of Wildlife Refuge sign Boy with atl atl


Four teams of Earthwatch Volunteers from 2001-2002, and the Earthwatch Insitute members

US Fish and Wildlife Service: Ann Blakley, Steve Brock, Jim Griffin, Brant Laflin, Rhoda Lewis, Barry Reiswig, Ketti Somer

Midwest Archeological Center: Bonnie Farkas, Mark Lynott, Ralph Hartley

Field Crew: Matt Crockett, Stephanie Crockett, Susan Hughes, Patty Jackson

Additional Support: Lynne Bama, Kenneth L. Pierce (US Geological Survey), Kastle Mortgage, National Museum of Wildlife Art, Patagonia, Dixon Electric

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