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Buffalo River Cave Mouth Inventory, 2003

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Ricci in river cane. (54kb) Crossing the Buffalo. (39kb) Sunglasses in the rain. (49kb) Buffalo River Valley. (48kb)
Mmmmm tasty salamander. (50kb) Climbing out of a cave. (59kb) Squeezing out of a cave. (49kb) Cave formations. (34kb)
Cool cave formations. (35kb) Walking through a cave. (31kb) After being ditched Ricci realizes its a long lonely walk home.(44kb) Buffalo River Valley. (41kb)
Taking a GPS reading. (66kb) Photographing each cave. (55kb) Copperhead. (58kb) Trapped on a rock between a copperhead and rattler. (61kb)
Timber rattler trying to get into backpack. (43kb) Ricci fixing tire while the others take pictures and tap out a jig(44kb) Looking out of cave. (29kb)  

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