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Review and Monitoring

Review and monitoring of the implementation of the Nationwide Programmatic Agreement (PA) signed in 2008 will ensure that the NPS protects historic properties in its stewardship. It will be accomplished through the review of undertakings completed during the reporting period, programmed undertakings, implementation of the PA, and completion of training requirements.

Superintendents Biennial Review and Monitoring Meeting

Each Superintendent will invite consulting parties to a review meeting every two years (biennial). The PA requirement to hold biennial meetings does not preclude the Superintendent and/or staff from meeting with consulting parties individually or as a group at other time or for other reasons. More frequent meetings may be appropriate based on specific park circumstances. If so, an alternative meeting schedule may be established as mutually agreed upon by the parties.

Parties to the meetings will discuss overall performance under the PA and how to improve coordination. It is suggested that the biennial meeting be used to review:

Superintendents Reporting to NPS Regional Directors

The PA requires Superintendents to report biennially to Regional Directors on the implementation of the PA in order to inform park program review and potential ACHP evaluation of PA implementation. Each Park Biennial Report should be submitted to the Regional Director within six months following the biennial review and monitoring meeting.

The Park Biennial Report should include:

Park PA Implementation Review by NPS Regional Directors

A Regional Director may, at his/her discretion, initiate a review of a park's implementation of the PA. Review by the Regional Director may be triggered by:

Based upon the findings of the Regional Director's review of a park's implementation of the PA, the Regional Director may suspend a park's use of the PA for Section 106 compliance. The Regional Director determines the length of the suspension. During the suspension period, the park must comply with Section 106 by using the procedures in 36 CFR Part 800 for all park undertakings. Suspension discontinues after the Regional Director determines that the park has demonstrated sufficient improvements in cultural resource program management to make use of the PA appropriate.

NPS Regional Directors Reporting to the Director of the NPS

The PA requires Regional Directors to report biennially to the Director on implementation of the PA. Each Regional Biennial Report should be submitted within six months following receipt of Park Biennial Reports by the Regional Director. These regional reports will be used by WASO to inform the biennial meetings between the signatories to the PA, as required in Section XI of the PA.

The Regional Biennial Report should include:

The Biennial Reports submitted to the Director may include information between a year to three years old as a result of the reporting schedule dictated by the PA. Despite its age, the information provides a useful record of a park's and a region's implementation of the PA as a compilation of documentation, reporting, and consultation that informed the process.