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Fort Conahey:

Assessment of the Principal Earthworks:

The Federal "Fish Hook" Line, Petersburg, VA


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Parapet length, relief, width for forts in meters

Description: Fort Conahey (MAP) is an ovoid redoubt of bilevel construction with a dentate front and positions for 11 field guns-3 mounted en barbette, 4 through embrasures (according to the plan though no embrasures were observed), 4 mounted in enclosed casemates on lower level; length of parapet 132 meters, average relief 2.6 meters, average width 5.8 meters; outer ditch perimeter originally 194 meters, enclosing 2,436 square meters (0.6 acres); prescribed garrison 75 men.

History: built October 3-26, 1864, and named for 2nd Lt. John Conahey, 118th Pennsylvania Infantry, killed at Peebles Farm; occupied by two 3-inch rifles and two light 12-pounders, Battery C 1st New York Artillery; garrisoned at various times by detachments of 184th Pennsylvania Infantry, Vermont Infantry, 75 men from Second Division, VI Corps.

Situation: adjacent to Flank Road and parking area, receives steady visitation; was cleared of trees and is now overgrown with woody scrub and pines; parapet cover is leaf litter but two-thirds show more than 40% bare earth; new construction on adjacent property to north has drastically altered terrain contours up to park boundary.

Condition: generally in poor condition, details blurred and obscured, heavy trampling and resultant erosion at guns 7 and 8, evidence of recent relic-hunting activity; tree clearing in recent past left parapet without suitable surface cover causing considerable overall erosion (which appears ongoing); casemated guns and magazine buried by collapse of upper level.

Redoubt: an enclosed earthwork, typically without reentering angles

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