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Fort Gregg:

Assessment of the Principal Earthworks:

The Federal "Fish Hook" Line, Petersburg, VA


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Description: Fort Gregg (MAP) is a six-sided redoubt with a dentate (zigzag or toothed appearance) front; positions for six field guns all mounted en barbette; one magazine behind the north face adjacent to gun 6; length of parapet 133 meters, average relief 3.7 meters, average width 6.7 meters; outer ditch perimeter 203 meters, enclosing 2,558 square meters (0.5 acre); 1,667 cubic meters excavated, requiring an estimated 312 labor-days; prescribed garrison 75 men plus artillerists.

History: under construction October 3-27, 1864; named for Lt. James P. Gregg, 45th Pennsylvania Infantry, killed at Pegram's Farm; occupied by two guns 7th Maine Battery, later by four 3-inch rifles Battery M 1st New Hampshire Artillery; garrisoned at various times by detachments of 8th Maine Infantry, 51st Pennsylvania Infantry, and 148th Pennsylvania.

Situation: located in fairly mature woodland; a few larger trees within fort, moderate undergrowth; parapet cover is leaf litter.

Condition: generally in fair condition, severe damage to parapet by animal burrowing, evidence of recent relic hunting, some compaction from visitors but not in recent years.

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