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Introduction to GIS and GPS for Cultural

Resource Managers


Staff members of the Cultural Resource GIS Facility (CRGIS), have been teaching directed courses in GIS and GPS since 1995, totaling more than 40 classes with more than 600 students. Taking place at National Park units, State Historic Preservation Offices, and local preservation organizations, we have focused our training on cultural resource management issues.

This one-day course offers an overview of basic GIS and GPS concepts, as well as a glimpse of some of the more commonly used equipment and software. Through a series of case studies and directed discussions, the class explores GIS and GPS, how these technologies are used in real world cultural resource examples, how to implement these technologies, and how to get help from local resources in addition to further training opportunities. Following the class, students should have a working understanding of GIS and GPS basics, as well as ideas on how to address their own specific management issues in using these technologies. Designed for users new to GIS and GPS, no prior experience is necessary.

Topics covered include:

•  Introduction to GIS
•  Case studies in GIS with cultural resources
•  Implementing GIS
•  Using GPS technology
•  Local resources and sources of help
•  Other training opportunities

Course Notes:
CRGIS can arrange to hold an Introduction to GIS and GPS for Cultural Resource Managers class at your own facility, or in another location convenient to you. Classes may incorporate as many staff members as needed. No computers or specialized equipment will be necessary, all equipment will be provided by course instructors.

Course Costs:
Costs for the course will vary depending on your location and other circumstances, and can be negotiated on an individual basis, but will include travel costs for an instructor. In most cases, costs for the class will be negligible.