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Holland Prize: How to Participate



No particular professional credentials are required; anyone is eligible to compete in the Holland Prize competition. Only present employees of the Heritage Documentation Programs (HDP) are ineligible. The prize entry may be undertaken by students in conjunction with required courses, electives, independent study and summer institutes. There is no entry fee.


The site selected for documentation must be appropriate for inclusion in the HABS/HAER/HALS Collection and can include buildings, structures, engineering and industrial sites, and landscapes. (Note that the HDP does not adhere to the National Register of Historic Places' fifty-year guideline, and also welcomes the documentation of vernacular sites and structures.) The drawing must be of a site that has not been previously recorded by HABS, HAER or HALS through measured drawings, unless as an addendum to an existing set of drawings it makes a new and substantial contribution to the understanding of the site. Applicants should contact the Holland Prize Coordinator with any questions.

Drawing Regulations

The documentation is to consist of a single, well-composed sheet of drawings that best conveys the significance of the building, site, structure, or landscape. The measured drawing must conform to the HABS, HAER (including the Guidelines for Recording Historic Ships), or HALS Guidelines and Standards, and to the Holland Prize Rules and Recommendations. Participants are encouraged to consult the Built in America (HABS/HAER/HALS Collections) website at the Library of Congress, or the HDP website for examples of measured drawings that meet the standards.

Entry Instructions

The individual or faculty sponsor must submit the Holland Prize Entry Form (pdf) by the required deadline. The entry form must be received at least two weeks prior to the receipt of the completed drawings. Upon receipt of the entry form, individuals or project teams will be provided with the requested number of blank sheets of mylar for hand-drawn projects, or the AutoCAD title block for CAD projects. There is no charge for these materials.


31 May: Postmark deadline for submission of entry forms

30 June: Postmark deadline for submission of completed entries

For Further Information Contact:

Robert Arzola
Holland Prize Coordinator
Historic Documentation Programs
National Park Service