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Peterson Prize: Rules & Recommendations

  • Students must perform all of the delineation or CAD drawing. Professors and advisors may provide guidance, but may not create any of the drawings.

  • Final submissions must be on standard-sized HABS media: 19x24, 24x36, or 34x44. Any submission using sheets of a non-standard size will not be accepted.

  • If using CAD, the title block must be the official HABS title block, which will be provided upon receipt of the entry form. The lines of the title block may not be altered in any manner. Any submission using a non-standard title block will not be accepted. Even if a program has received the CAD title block for a previous project, a new title block must be requested for each new project.

  • Name and location information should be verified with the Peterson Prize Coordinator before being inked or plotted. The HABS number should be left blank; this will be assigned in the HABS office upon receipt of the submission

  • Submissions must consist only of black line drawings. Any submission using color will not be accepted.

  • Because HABS drawings are in the public domain, participants who wish to use a copyrighted image (such as a photograph from a private collection) must obtain the necessary copyright release and include it with the submission of the drawings. Contact the Peterson Prize Coordinator to obtain the copyright release form.

  • CAD drawings must be plotted using a laser plotter. Inkjet plots are not considered archival, and will not be accepted.

  • CAD entries must include a CD-ROM of the CAD files.

  • Students should consult the HABS History Guidelines (pdf) for information regarding the HABS Short Format Historical Report (typically 1-5 pages). All research and writing of the Historical Report must be undertaken by students. The HABS Short Format Historical Report should be submitted as a Microsoft Word File.

NOTE: The HABS staff is available to provide preliminary review of Peterson Prize submissions for both drawings and historical reports. Please contact the Peterson Prize Coordinator if you wish to submit a draft set for review.