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Peterson Prize: Judging and Rating Scale


2016 Peterson Prize Poster

The Peterson Prize jury consists of three members: one representing the National Park Service, one representing the American Institute of Architects, and one representing the Athenaeum of Philadelphia.

Rating Scale (100 POINT MAXIMUM)

  • HABS Short-Form Historical Report (5 point maxiumum)
    Determined by a HABS staff historian prior to the jury
    Excellent (5 points)
    Good (3 points)
    Fair (1 points)

  • Significance of Building Being Documented (5 Point Maximum)
    Determined by the Peterson Prize Coordinator prior to the jury
    National Historic Landmark (3 points)
    National Register and/or State or Local Register and/or Contributing to a designated historic district. Verification must be provided with submittal (2 points)

  • Field Records (25 point Maximum)
    Well organized and laid out legibly (25 points)
    Adequate (13 points)
    Minimal (5 points)

  • Appropriate Level of Documentation (30 Point Maximum)
    Content (20 point maximum)
    Well-documented and interpreted (20 points)
    Significant features missing or not interpreted (10 points)
    Not well documented or interpreted (5 points)

    Dimension and annotations (10 point maximum)
    Excellent: highly informative (10 points)
    Adequate: informative (7 points)
    Minimal: uninformative (3 points)

  • Presentation (35 Point Maximum)
    Drafting Quality (15 point maximum)
    Excellent (15 points)
    Good (10 points)
    Fair (7 points)

    Sheet Composition (10 point maximum)
    Excellent (10 points)
    Good (7 points)
    Fair (3 points)

    Graphic Consistency (10 point maximum)
    Excellent (10 points)
    Good (7 points)
    Fair (3 points)