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Very few pre-Civil War free African American homesteads exist for archeological study, making the Robinson House unusual. According to the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, federal agencies must properly maintain historical and cultural resources located on lands they manage or own. Therefore, the home's location within the Manassas National Battlefield Park prevented it from being torn down.

The historic house was occupied by Robinson’s family until the early 20th century, eventually becoming the victim of arson in 1993. The family, which maintained a deep connection to the site, was understandably disturbed by the home’s near-total destruction. Sensitive to their feelings, park officials contacted the Robinson family after the 1993 fire in order to reach a consensus about what to do with the site. 

  (photo) Chimney and foundation of Robinson house.
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(photo) Brick with family members' names carved into it.

The house was dismantled after the fire, leaving only the chimney and foundation.