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Several links to teaching materials on National Park Service web sites are listed below. If resources are not available online, the link will take you to the park's homepage where contact information is available. New educational resources are created frequently, if you do not see the park that you are looking for in the links below please contact your nearest National Park about archeology related educational materials.

Also check with your nearest park about archeology related events and tours.

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument
Coolidge, AZ
Educational material, particularly on Native Americans, is available for teachers by contacting the park.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area
Mojave Desert, AZ, NV
In the resource guide "The Future of the Past," 5th grade students describe evidence that past cultures have left for archeologists.

Petrified Forest National Park
Petrified Forest, AZ
Rockin' Through the Ages: From Fossils to Petroglyphs (Park education).

Alcatraz Island
San Francisco, CA
An active, interdisciplinary curriculum introduces middle school students to archeology.

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area
Agoura Hills, CA
"The Chumash: A Changing People, A Changing Land" (grades 3 to 4) is an in-park program that explores the traditional Chamush lifestyle. "One Land: Many People, Many Ways" (grades 4 to 5) is an in-class program, which focuses on archeology as a means for learning about different cultures. An online teacher manual is available for the in-class activity. A teacher workshop is also available to learn about the Native American cultures of Southern California.

Mesa Verde
Pre- and post-visit acitivities for 4th to 7th grade students.
An extensive project about Balcony House and the artifacts found there is featured.

Ft. Frederica National Monument
St. Simons Island, GA
Established in 1994 as a partnership between Fort Frederica National Monument and the Glynn County School System, the program's archeology curriculum has been formally adopted into the framework of the 4th grade curriculum. Teachers are trained to instruct students in the history of the 18th-century fort and town of Frederica and in the methodology of historical archeology. To prepare both teachers and students, Fort Frederica has developed and facilitated an intense week-long teachers workshop.

Ocmulgee National Monument
Macon, GA
Read about the Dr. Charles Fairbanks Memorial Discovery Lab which has a section devoted to archeology. The Georgia Archeological Resources Protection Videotape and Traveling Exhibit are also availble for loan to schools and other organizations.

Nez Perce National Historic Park
Spalding, ID
And It Is Still That Way is an educational packet for K12 students. Email alyse_cadez@nps.gov or contact the park to order.

Effigy Mounds National Monument
Harpers Ferry, IA
Several lesson plans for archeology are available. 4th to 6th graders learn about the process of archeology through classroom activities including chocolate chip cookie excavations. In another activity available, 9th to 12th graders assess the characteristics of a society based on analysis of a single coin.

Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site
Saugus, MA
The Parks as Classrooms program "What is it?" for grades 4 to 8 uses archeology to examine objects and can be related to the sites in this park. A Teaching with Historic Places lesson plan is also available online.

Glacier National Park
West Glacier, MT
Contact the park about the Work House Native American Heritage Education Program. This teacher guide uses Native American traditions to understand the park's resources.

New Mexico
Aztec Ruins National Monument
Aztec, NM
There is an extensive teacher's guide for student's in grades 4 to 7 available online. Replica trunks and videos are also available for loan.

Petroglyph National Monument
Albuquerque, NM
Petroglyph National Monument Teacher Guide is targeted for grades K to 8. "Valley of the Ancients" deals with Native American stories and is appropriate for grade 3 - high school. A new book called "Stones, Bones, and Petroglyphs: Digging into Southwest Archaeology" is now available for 4th - 8th grades. Contact the SPMA bookstore manager at (505) 899-0205, ext.347 to place an order.

Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument
Mountainair, NM
Salt Mission's Scholar Program for grades 6 to 8 has three teacher kits available for the Abo, Gran Quivira, and Quarai units of the park. The Gran Quivira activity in particular relates to archeology.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area
Mojave Desert, AZ, NV
In the resource guide "The Future of the Past," 5th grade students describe evidence that past cultures have left for archeologists.

North Dakota
Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site
Parks as Classrooms has developed a teacher's guide for all grade levels with information and activities about the Native Americans of the Northern Plains.

Hopewell Culture National Historic Park
Chillicothe, OH
Teacher's workshop, educational guides (4th to 6th grades) and educational programs for loan including Introduction to Archeology videos for all ages.

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
Bushkill, PA
An award winning archeology trunk is available for travel by contacting the park.

Independence National Historical Park
This is a downloadable, curriculum-based, educational program meeting Pennsylvania and New Jersey Standards. It was created by the Independence Park Institute (IPI) at Independence National Historical Park. Students take on the role of archeologists and piece together the stories of the buried past. The lesson plans have students investigate primary and secondary history resources. (Grades 5-12).

Big South Fork National Recreation Area
Oneida, TN
The Archaeological Resource Protection program introduces students to prehistoric and historic Indian habitation of the southeast and the Cumberland Plateau. An optional field trip provides students in grades 5 to 12 the opportunity to visit a looted site and to try a controlled dig.

Colonial National Historical Park
Yorktown, VA
With the Jamestown Archeology resource guide, students (4th to 8th grades) will learn what archeologists do, who else is involved, how they perform their jobs and the importance of their discoveries in understanding the everyday life of 17th-century Jamestown. The study guide includes the story of historical archeology at Jamestown, a pre-visit activity, a museum activity (on-site) and a post-visit activity. Many self-guided activities posted on website also.

Virgin Islands
Virgin Islands National Park
Virgin Islands
Find lesson plans for elementary and middle school teachers on the prehistory of the Caribbean. These plans were developed through the Virgin Islands Humanities Council for teachers and students to learn about the archeology of Cinnamon Bay.

Whitman Mission NHS
Walla Walla, WA
Archeology curriculum workshop for teachers of grades 4 to 7.

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