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Content Development

This module replaces the Technical Manual for the Issuance of Archeological Permits prepared by the former Archeological Assistance Division and issued by the NPS Director on 5 October 1984.

Planning for this module, Permits for Archeological Investigations, began in 1998. By 2000, a work group of NPS archeologists representing park, archeological center, regional office, and Washington office perspectives had begun substantial work on the module. George Teague chaired the initial work group which included: Val Canouts, Allen Cooper, Helen Fairley, and Bob Sonderman. The group was assisted by Margaret MacLean, at the time an independent consultant on heritage conservation planning. In 2000 Barbara Little took over Val Canoutsí role and in 2001 other NPS archeologists joined the module effort, including Terry Childs and Anne Vawser.

Drafting of this module, Permits for Archeological Investigations, continued in two stages. In 2002 and 2003, Val Canouts prepared a detailed text based upon the work groupís drafts. In 2004, responsibility for the module was taken over by Karen Mudar, who worked with Michele Aubry, Terry Childs, Barbara Little, and Frank McManamon on producing the final draft for review. Reviews of the final draft were provided by Adrienne Anderson, Michele Aubry, Terry Childs, Allen Cooper, Ann Johnson, Barbara Little, Jeff Richner, Mark Rudo, and Jim Trott. Final review was open to all NPS archeologists, whose feedback was much appreciated.

This module may be cited as:

National Park Service Archeology Guide: Permits for Archeological Investigations. Archeology Program, National Park Service, Department of the Interior, Washington, DC. 2006

Layout and design of the module:

Barbara Little
Matthew J. Burns

For additional information contact: Karen Mudar, karen_mudar@nps.gov