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The documents in the Toolbox provide informal information and examples useful to cultural resource managers and cultural resource advisors (READs) assigned to fire activities. The documents supplement the plans and policies issued by the NPS.

Cultural Resources Protection and Fire Management Planning Course Workbooks

Cultural Resources Protection and Fire Management Planning (CRS5026) course was sponsored by the NPS between 1999 and 2004. The course was developed for fire program managers and cultural resource managers from parks to attend together. The four workbooks were developed as teaching aids for the weeklong class.

For Cultural Resources Staff Working on Fire Lines

Fire Effects on Cultural Resources

Cultural Resources and Wildland Planning Assistance

Various documents that may be useful in developing inventories of cultural resources at risk from adverse effects of fire, getting funding for inventory efforts, consultations, and other topics.

Interagency Guides

A number of guides on wildland fire-related topics are available on the Web. A few that relate to cultural resources are included here>

Presentations about Cultural Resources and Fire

The PowerPoint presentations provide much useful information and illustrative images about cultural resource management during wildland fires.