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The Cultural Resources Management and Fire module of RM—28A: Archeology had its origins in “Cultural Resources Protection and Fire Management Planning,” NPS training developed for cultural resource managers and wildland fire managers. The goal of the class was to provide tools to evaluate fire effects on cultural resources and to aid in the cooperative rewriting of wildland fire management plans. The course, sponsored by the Stephen T. Mather Training Center, was presented between 1999 and 2004. The module authors owe a debt to NPS employees Paul Gleeson and A. Trinkle Jones, among others, who were part of the team that developed the original training and supported the efforts for this module.

Planning for Cultural Resources Management and Fire began in 2007. The NPS Fire and Aviation Program has consistently supported and encouraged the development of the module. Tom Nichols made it possible for Richard Schwab and Jeff Manley to work with Karen Mudar on the development of materials.

Karen Mudar developed and wrote this module. Many NPS subject matter experts commented on drafts, including Ann Hitchcock, Beth Byrd, Brian Johnson, David Gadsby, Derek Toms, Duane Hubbard, Eileen Devinney, Jay Sturdevant, Jeff Manley, Jeffrey Durbin, Jennifer Falkey, Jessica McNeil, Jim Bradford, Jim Kendrick, Joe Svinarich, Juanita Bonnifield, Julie A Bell, Jun R Kinoshita, Kate Birmingham, Lisa Hanson, Margo Schwadron, Marla McEnaney, Meredith Hardy, Michael Owens, Nelson Siefkin, Paul Gleeson, Phil Wilson, Rachel Brown, Rachel Haines, Richard Schwab, Satin B. Bowman, Steve Baumann, Steve Peterson, Stewart Robertson, Teresa Moyer, and Tobin Roop.

Karoline Kinsey prepared the Fire Bibliography. Matt Burns designed and built the webpages.

This module may be cited as:
National Park Service Archeology Guide: Cultural Resources Management and Fire. Archeology Program, National Park Service, Department of the Interior, Washington, DC, 2013.

For additional information contact: Karen Mudar, karen_mudar(at)nps.gov.