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Chapter 5
Final Report on the Physical Examination and Taphonomic Assessment of the Kennewick Human Remains (CENWW.97.Kennewick)
Phillip L. Walker, Clark Spencer Larsen, and Joseph F. Powell

Table 2 - Skeletal Elements Recommended for Use in DNA Analysis
[Long description]

DNA Sample Rank Specimen Number Skeletal Element Micro-sample
1. 97.R.75a 3rd right mandibular molar not micro-sampled due to diagnostic value.
2. 97.R.50a 3rd left maxillary molar not micro-sampled due to diagnostic value.
3. 97.L.16(MCa) 3rd left metacarpal Sample #1, piece from the distal end.
4. 97.I.12d(13) Right 8th rib Sample #2: vertebral end of rib fragment; Sample #3: sternal end of rib fragment.
5. 97.U.4(C2.a) 2nd cervical vertebrae not micro-sampled due to diagnostic importance.
6. 97.R.16(MCa) 3rd right metacarpal Sample #4: proximal end piece; Sample #5: distal end piece.
7. 97.R.16(MCc) 2nd right metacarpal not micro-sampled due to other micro-samples already taken of neighboring bone.
8. 97.L.16(MCb) 2nd left metacarpal Sample #7, piece from distal end.
9. 97A.I.25c 2nd right metatarsal mid-shaft metatarsal, Sample #6, piece from mid-shaft.
10 97.L.20b Left tibia Sample #8, piece from proximal end adjacent to area from which one of the 1999 C14 samples was taken.

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