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Report to DOJ & DOI
Potential for DNA Testing of the Human Remains from Columbia Park,Kennewick, Washington
Noreen Tuross, Ph.D.
Connie J. Kolman, Ph.D.

Table 3
[Long description]

Radiocarbon Dates of the human skeleton from Kennewick, WA
Radiocarbon Age Laboratory Numbers Sample Catalog Numbers Sample Number Anatomical Unit delta13C(o/oo)
8410 ± 60 BP UCR-3476/
na APS-PS-01 Fifth left metacarpal -14.9
8410 ± 40 BP Beta-133993 CENWW.97.R.24 (Mta) DOI1a Portion of right first metatarsal -12.6
8130 ± 40 BP UCR-3807/
CENWW.97.R.24 (Mta) DOI1b Portion of right first metatarsal -10.8
6940 ± 30 BP UCR-3806/
na DOI2b Portion of left tibial crest -10.3
5750 ± 100 BP AA-34818 CENWW.97.L.20b DOI2a Portion of left tibial crest -21.9
na, not available
Information obtained from the memorandum from the Departmental Consulting Archaeologist to the Assistant Secretary, Fish and Wildlife and Parks, and F. McManamon, pers. comm.

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