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Report to DOJ & DOI
Potential for DNA Testing of the Human Remains from Columbia Park,Kennewick, Washington
Noreen Tuross, Ph.D.
Connie J. Kolman, Ph.D.

Table 1
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Defining polymorphisms for New World mitochondrial mtDNA founding haplogroups
Site"a" Haplogroup
Restriction/deletion sites        
HaeIII:663 + - - -
9 bp region no deletion deletion no deletion no deletion
AluI:13262 - - + -
AluI:5176 + + + -
Control region polymorphisms        
16189 T/c C T T/c
16217 T C T T
16223 T C T T
16290 T C C C
16298 T T C T
16319 A G G G
16325 T T C/t C
16327 C C T C
16362 C T T C
"a" Restriction/deletion defining sites are provided by Torroni et al. (1992) and control region polymorphisms are provided by Horai et al. (1993). Presence and absence of a restriction site are indicated by "+" and "-", respectively. For D-loop sequence data, the defining sites are underlined. X/y indicates that X is the predominant nucleotide at that position although y does occur at a low frequency.

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