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Kennewick Man Press Releases

Sept. 25, 2000: Interior Department Determines "Kennewick Man" Remains to go to Five Indian Tribes
Apr. 21, 2000: Scientists to Begin Kennewick Man DNA Studies
Feb. 18, 2000: Interior Department Makes Final Decision on DNA Analysis
Jan. 31, 2000: Interior Department to Seek DNA Analysis of Kennewick Man
Jan. 13, 2000: Kennewick Man Over 9000 Years Old and Native American According to NAGPRA Law
Jan. 11, 2000: Interior Department to Release Radiocarbon Results from Dating of Kennewick Man
Oct. 15, 1999: DOI Releases Scientific Report on Kennewick Skeletal Remains
Sept. 8, 1999: Small Bone Samples from Kennewick Man Sent for Radiocarbon Dating
July 1, 1999: DOI to Recommend Additional Testing of Kennewick Skeletal Remains
March 3, 1999: McManamon Reports Kennewick Man Examinations Well Done
Feb. 24, 1999: Kennewick Man Scientific Examination Team to Meet with Media
Feb. 17, 1999: Examination of Kennewick Skeletal Remains to Begin
Oct. 29, 1998: Statement by Dr. Francis McManamon, Chief Archaeologist of the Department of the Interior

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