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  Kennewick Home Non-Destructive Examination Report  

Chapter 2
Report on the Osteological Assessment of the "Kennewick Man" Skeleton (CENWW.97.Kennewick)
Joseph F. Powell and Jerome C. Rose

Table 3
[Long description]

Bones showing presence of animal gnaw marks, algae stain and red staining with number showing the frequency of bones affected within the designated group.
Element Gnawing Algae Red Stain
Right clavicle      
Left clavicle      
Right scapula      
Left scapula      
Right humerus X X  
Left humerus   X  
Right radius   X  
Left radius      
Right ulna X X  
Left ulna   X  
Right carpals      
Right metacarpals X X  
Right phalanges   X  
Left carpals      
Left metacarpals   X  
Left phalanges      
Right rib fragments 1   2
Left rib fragments   2 19
Cervicle vertebrae   3  
Thoracic vertebrae   2  
Lumbar vertebrae     1
Right innominate      
Left innominate      
Right femur   X  
Left femur      
Right patella      
Left patella      
Right tibia     X
Left tibia X X  
Right fibula X    
Left fibula X    
Right talus   X  
Left talus      
Right calcaneus      
Left calcaneus      
Right metatarsals      
Left metatarsals X    
Right foot phalanges      
Left foot phalanges X   X

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