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  Kennewick Home Non-destructive Examination Report  

Chapter 2
Report on the Osteological Assessment of the "Kennewick Man" Skeleton (CENWW.97.Kennewick)
Joseph F. Powell and Jerome C. Rose

Table 1

Table 1 examines the question of measurement consistency and error of the Kennewick cranium for the same observer (intraobserver), different observers (interobserver), two separate reconstructions of the cranial remains, and between the cast prepared by Chatters and reconstructions of the original by Powell. Intraobserver error was low, with a probability of random difference of 93%. Interobserver and reconstruction of the original cranium errors were somewhat larger, but still had random probabilities of 19% and 31% respectively. Error of apparent statistical significance (.01% probability of random occurrence) was noted when comparing measurements made on the cast and on the original cranial reconstructions. Powell and Rose suggested that these differences may have arisen in part due to differences in measurement techniques and reduced ability to determine certain cranial landmarks on the cast.

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