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  Kennewick Home Non-Destructive Examination Report  

Chapter 2
Report on the Osteological Assessment of the "Kennewick Man" Skeleton (CENWW.97.Kennewick)
Joseph F. Powell and Jerome C. Rose

Table 13
[Long description]

Probability of group membership for Kennewick Man in 8 regional modern (combined Howells and Hanihara data) and 13 Archaic samples based on size-corrected Mahalanobis' squared distances derived from 10 craniometric variables
Closest Populations Mahalanobis Distance Typicality Probability
Indian Knoll Archaic 8.30 0.873325
Ainu/Jomon 13.65 0.476220
Amerindian 13.99 0.450143
NE Asia 19.3 0.130337
SE Asia 20.87 0.130336
Farthest Populations Mahalanobis Distance Typicality Probability
Plains Archaic 25.62 0.004286
African 25.80 0.004190
Windover 45.18 0.000002
SE U.S. Archaic 46.49 0.000001
Bird Island Archaic 61.85 0.000000

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