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Calibration of Radiocarbon Age to Calendar Years

(Variables: C13/C12=-12.6:lab. mult=1)


Laboratory number:

Conventional radiocarbon age:

2 Sigma calibrated results:
(95% probability)


8410+40 BP

Cal BC 7560 to 7455 (Cal BP 9510 to 9405) and
Cal BC 7395 to 7370 (Cal BP 9345 to 9320)
  Intercept data  
  Intercept of radiocarbon age
with calibration curve:

1 Sigma calibrated result:
(68% probability)

Cal BC 7515 (Cal BP 9465)

Cal BC 7535 to 7480 (Cal BP 9485 to 9430)

Radiocarbon 14 Dating Results Graph


Database used

Calibration Database
Editorial Comment
      Stuiver, M., van der Plicht, H., 1998, Radiocarbon 40(3), pxii-xiii

INTCAL98 Radiocarbon Age Calibration
      Stuiver, M., et. al., 1998, Radiocarbon 40(3), p1041-1083

A Simplified Approach to Calibrating C14 Dates
      Talma, A. S., Vogel, J. C., 1993, Radiocarbon 35(2), p317-322

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