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  Kennewick Home Non-Destructive Examination Report  

Chapter 3
Analysis of Sediments Associated with Human Remains Found at
Columbia Park, Kennewick, WA
Gary Huckleberry and Julie K. Stein

Figures and Tables

Figure 1:   Fence diagram of stratigraphy with 14C dates at Columbia Park (adapted from Huckleberry et al., 1998).

Figure 2:   Sample proveniences at CPP054 and CPC059.5 using Huckleberry et al. (1998) and Wakeley et al. (1998) stratigraphic nomenclature.

Figure 3:   Sediments adhering to skeletal material.

Figure 4:   Stratigraphic Column at CPP054 (photo taken December, 1997).

Figure 5:   Linear regression of peak weight-loss rate by depth for samples above 135 cm depth at CPP054.

Figure 6:   Loss-on-Ignition Charts

Table 1:   Stratigraphic Nomenclature of Huckleberry et al. (1998) and Wakeley et al. (1998) for the Kennewick Man Discovery Site at Columbia Park, Kennewick, WA.

Table 2:   Inventory of Sediments and Laboratory Analyses Performed in Study.

Table 3:   Loss-on-Ignition Data.

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  Introduction and Objectives
  Site Stratigraphy
  Skeleton Sediments
  Conclusions and Recommendations
  References Cited
  Figures and Tables