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  Kennewick Home Non-Destructive Examination Report  

Chapter 3
Analysis of Sediments Associated with Human Remains
Found at Columbia Park, Kennewick, WA
Gary Huckleberry and Julie K. Stein

Appendix F: Final Sediment Sample Inventory--CENWW Kennewick Collection
[Long description]

DATE: 2/27/99, 3/2/99

Catalog Number Element Site on Bone Wt. (g) Destination Analyses Comments
1) 97.U.1a cranium interior 14.10 UW chem --clods removed; powdered (split)
2) 97.U.1a cranium interior 0.65 WSU thin-section concretion- 3 of them (split)
3) 97.U.1a cranium interior 3.58 WSU grain size clods separated for grain size (split)
4) 97.U.1a cranium interior 1.09 UW chem --one clod (no powder) (split)
5) 97.U.1a cranium interior 1.25 UW backup clods reserved for future (split)
6) 97.R.13b R. humerus exterior 0.05 WSU grain size  
7) 97.R.20c R. tibia exterior 0.17 WSU grain size  
8) 97.R.21a R. fibula exterior 0.20 WSU grain size  
9) 97.L.20c L. tibia exterior 0.32 WSU grain size  
10) 97.L.21d L. fibula exterior 0.31 WSU grain size  
11) 97.L.15a L. ulna exterior 0.18 WSU grain size  
12) 97.L.15b L. ulna exterior 0.31 WSU grain size  
13) 97.L.15c L. ulna exterior trace WSU grain size  
14) 97.R.19a R. patella exterior 0.02 WSU grain size  
15) 97A.U.4(C5a) cervical vertebra exterior 0.21 WSU grain size  
16) 97.U.4(C7a) cervical vertebra exterior 0.48 WSU grain size  
17) 97.U.7b sacrum exterior 0.33 WSU grain size  
18) 97.L.24 (mta & mtb) metatarsals exterior 0.82 WSU grain size (split)
19) 97.L.24 (mta & mtb) metatarsals exterior 1.00 UW chem (split)
20) 97.R.21a R. fibula exterior 1.91 WSU grain size dark
21) 97.L.20c L. tibia exterior 0.14 WSU grain size dark
22) 97.A.I.17a Left
os coxea
exterior 0.80 UW Chem dark
23) 97.R.18a R. femur marrow cavity 1.53 UW chem  
24) 97.R.20c R. tibia marrow cavity 0.57 UW chem  
25) 97.R.20d R. tibia marrow cavity 0.17 UW chem  
26) 97.L.20c Left tibia marrow cavity 0.57 UW chem  
27) 97.L.13a Left humerus marrow cavity 0.32 UW chem  
28) 97.L.13b Left humerus marrow cavity 0.77 UW chem  
29) 97A.I.17a Left
os coxea
exterior 0.01 WSU grain size --add to rest (one flake)
30) 97.I.25c unidentified fragment exterior 0.47 UW chem cracked during extraction
31) 97.I.25g unidentified fragment exterior 0.11 UW chem  
32) 97.I.25s unidentified fragment exterior 0.52 UW chem  
33) 97.R.24 (mta) metatarsal exterior 0.26 UW chem  
34) 97.L.24 (tra) tarsal exterior ----- ----- ----- sample combined with 97.L.24(mtd) into one vial
35) 97.L.24 (mta) metatarsal exterior 0.13 UW chem sample combined with 97.L.24(tra) into one vial
36) 97.R.14a radius exterior 0.21 UW chem Only long bone. Not looked at on Saturday

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