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Chapter 5
Cultural Affiliation Study of the Kennewick Human Remains: Review of Bio-Archaeological Information
Steven Hackenberger Ph.D.

Table 4. Chronological Outline Historic 200- 100 B.P.

Table 4 shows a chronological outline from 200-100 B.P. The table is comprised of 6 columns and 6 corresponding named temporal rows. From left to right the column headers are Time Period, Site Name, Mortuary Data, Osteological Data, Investigators, Annotation/Appendix. The left row headers are structured according to named time periods. From top to bottom they are Snake River, Columbia Confluence, Middle Columbia, Mid-Lower Columbia, Upper Columbia, British Columbia. The significance of the table is its summary of over 25 key archaeological sites with burials and related osteological studies dated form 200-100 B.P. For a more detailed discussion of the table refer back to the text.

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