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National Monument Profiles
Each National Monument established under the Antiquities Act of 1906 tells a story of the nation's past and future, preserving places and collections that make America unique. Learn more about the Mounuments and about the centennial and long lasting effects of the Antiquities Act.

The Earliest Americans
Newcomers to the North American continent learned to live in a new place. They shaped the land, and were in turn shaped by it. Take a look at recent discoveries by interdisciplinary teams in the eastern and midwestern states that shine new light on life in this volatile time. Explore how people endured the environmental tumult of the ice age.

Ancient Architects of the Mississippi
Discover some of the major events in public archeology between 1784-2004. This feature highlights key activities, such as new legislation, the development of new organizations and public programs, significant new publications, and interesting cases involving the protection and preservation of sites and collections over more than 200 years.

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