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The Secretary's Report

The Secretary of the Interior reports to Congress about Federal programs and activities that affect the nation's archeological heritage. The report covers activities to recover, protect, and preserve archeological sites, collections, and data. The Secretary's Report to Congress on the Federal Archeology Program provides an overview of the range of activities undertaken by agencies as part of the programmatic Federal stewardship of archeological resources. A short history of national reporting about Federal Archeology was published in 1992. more >>

The SRC Questionnaire

The NPS Archeology Program solicits information about Federal archeology for the Secretary's Report to Congress through an annual questionnaire. Agencies also report on resolved cases of archeological resources law violations on Federal and Indian lands using case summary forms in support of the Listing of Outlaw Treachery (LOOT) Information Clearinghouse. more >>

The SRC Data

The Secretary's Report to Congress provides important summary information about activities that Federal agencies carry out as part of their stewardship responsibilities for archeological resources. Data in the report are based on responses to an annual questionnaire distributed to Federal agencies with responsibilities for archeological resources. The original data, however, are also an important resource: it is the only data about archeological activities and resources managed by Federal agencies that are collected separately from information about other cultural resources. more >>