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Archeology and the Federal Government
1994     CRM  17(6)

Archeology and the Federal Government
1988     CRM  11(special issue)

The State of the States
1999      Common Ground (Summer)

Anderson, David G.
1997     "A National Commitment to Archeology." Common Ground  2(1). (Spring)

Bense, Judith
1997     "The Southeast Jumpstart of the National Archeology Program." Common Ground  2(1). (Spring)

Lipe, William D.
1996     "In Defense of Digging: Archeological Preservation as a Means, not an End." CRM  19(7)

McGimsey III, Charles
1998     "Headwaters: How the Post-War Boom Changed Archeology." Common Ground 3(2/3). (Summer/Fall)

1999     "Headwaters, Part 2: Archeology on Capitol Hill, 1960-74." Common Ground (Winter)

McManamon, Francis P.
1996     "Ninety Years of Archeology and Historic Preservation." CRM  19(7)

1996     "The Antiquities Act--Setting basic Preservation Priorities." CRM  19(7)

Rogers, Jerry L. and Francis P. McManamon
1994     "The Federal Archeology Program." CRM  17(6)

The Future of Public Archeology: A Conversation with Bruce Babbitt, Frank McManamon, and Keith Kintigh
1999     Common Ground (Winter)


NPS Director's Order on Archeology

Abandoned Shipwreck Act

Antiquities Act of 1906

Archeological and Historic Preservation Act (1974)

Archaeological Resources Protection Act

National Historic Preservation Act

Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act


Advisory Council for Historic Preservation

Public Archeology in the United States: A Timeline

SAA Final Report of the Task Force on Renewing Our National Archaeological Program

State Archeologists