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Table 21. Frequency Distributions of Fluted Bifaces or Sites per County.

This table displays the frequency distribution by state of the number of counties (N) in which 0 - 6+ fluted bifaces or sites assigned to the Clovis or Folsom components have been reported. The table contains 6 columns for fluted bifaces per state (2 for Indiana, one for Michigan, 2 for Ohio, and one for Iowa) and 4 columns for sites per state (one each for Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin). Indiana and Ohio appear in more than one column to distinguish different counts by different sources. The sources are identified by supercased numbers next to the state acronym and a citation at the end of the table.

The leftmost column provides the frequency N of counties charted across 7 rows. These frequencies are: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6+. Each cell in the columns to the right contains the number of counties in which the particular frequency of bifaces or sites were found per state. For example, Dorwin focused on Indiana in his 1966 report, and listed 45 counties in which no fluted bifaces were reported; 20 counties in which 1 fluted biface was reported; 6 counties in which 2 fluted bifaces were reported; and, in the last row, 11 counties in which 6 or more fluted bifaces were reported.

The bottom row contains the total of all counties per state for which there is data. It corresponds with the sum of each columns' contents.

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