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Table 7: Radiocarbon Dates for Northeastern Paleoindian Sites

This table displays radiocarbon dates for northeastern Paleoindian sites. The table is comprised of 6 columns, one of which is subdivided into 3 columns. From left to right the principal column headers are: Site, Lab Number, 14C (conventional), Calendar BP (2 sigma), Style, and Reference. Calendar BP is further subdivided into 3 columns, whose headers are: maximum of calendar age ranges; calendar ages; and minimum of calendar age ranges. The table is split into four parts, grouped by time period.

The first group, Paleoindian sites, contains 8 rows of data, 7 from the Meadowcroft site in Pennsylvania (the conventional 14C dates range from 16.175±975 to 11,300±700) and 1 from the Duchess Quarry Cave site in New York (conventional 14C date of 12,580±370).

The second group spans the Early Paleoindian 14C plateaus 10,500-10,900; 11,100-11,400 cal BP. It contains 14 rows of data from Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Maine, and two sites in New York. The conventional 14C dates range from 11,050±300 to 9550±320, both at Whipple, NH.

The third group includes dates from the Middle Paleoindian period with 9 rows of data from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and three sites in Maine. The conventional 14C dates range from 10,590±60 from Hedden, ME to 9010±210 at Michaud, ME.

The fourth group spans the Late Paleoindian and Early Archaic (Coeval traditions) 14C plateau: 9500-9900 cal BP. It contains 9 rows of data New Hampshire, two sites in Maine, and 4 sites in Pennsylvania. The conventional 14C dates range from 9850±160 at West Creek, PA to 7400±140 at Blackman Stream, ME.

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