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archeology for kidspoints
(photo) Kids look at and record artifacts. (Midwest Archeological Center)

Get in on the action! Find events in your state or volunteer.


"Full-time dirt digger, history seeker, and artifact looker. Must be willing to play dirty. Position split between work outside and inside. Ideal candidate likes to read, play logic games, talk with others, and work with a team."

Sound good? Find out what to do to prepare for a career in archeology.

(photo) Painted ceramic doll legs. (NPS)

Even small things, like these doll legs, have something to tell about the past.

Want to learn more?

More about archeology: Learn more about the steps of archeology, what archeologists do, and professional work. Explore interactive digs online.

Africa: In Egypt, see the pyramids and excavations at Amheida.

Asia: Check out archeology across China.

Europe: See rock images found in Cave Chauvet and Cave Lascaux, and ancient communities in Turkey at Catal Hoyuk and the ancient shipwreck site Uluburun.

North America: Learn about the first people in America. See the Southwest at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, colonial America at Jamestown, Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest, the past of Texas, and the Reed Farmstead.

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