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Nominations for landmark status are evaluated by at least one of these themes:

*  Peopling places Focuses on demography and settlement.

*  Creating social institutions Examines how social life emerges and develops.

*  Expressing cultural values Looks at issues of belief and its representation.

*  Shaping political landscapes Deals with identity, territoriality, and interaction.

*  Developing economies Explores how people extract, produce, distribute, exchange, and consume resources.

*  Expanding science and technology Looks at material remains, technology, and technological organization.

*  Transforming environments Examines humans’ response to the environment and their impact upon it.

*  Changing roles in the world Assesses major contributions to knowledge and how events related to the rest of the globe.

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(photo) The Shenandoah River near Virginia's Thunderbird site.  Photograph by Sandra Speiden.

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(photo) The Shenandoah River.
  • Gather multi-discipli-
    nary evidence on the largest scale possible
  • Organize it into frameworks (“historic contexts”) that aid in identifying, evaluating, and nominating sites as National Historic Landmarks
  • Clarify boundaries of properties already designated
  • Develop and refine data for use by public agencies and others to preserve and commemorate sites
  • Make the findings widely available