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common ground

Ruins and Renewal
Summer/Fall 1998, vol. 3 (2/3)

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*  Feature articles

(photo) Lloyd Masayumptewa, member of the ruins stabilization crew at Wupatki National Monument.

"Ethnic identity is accompanied by ethnic stigmatization, and the [ruins of the] Basque hotels, set within the larger building community that is the West, are reminders of the both the region's cultural diversity and cultural divisions. "

"Building Communities," Thomas Carter

*  Headwaters by Charles R. McGimsey III

The origins of the national archeology program.

*  A Legacy in Danger by Kathleen Fiero

The ancient Square Tower at Hovenweep National Monument is the focus of an interdisciplinary effort to save it from the ravages of time--and the unintended consequences of good intent.

*  Building Communities by Thomas Carter

An increasingly prevalent type of research focuses on patterns in the vernacular built environment of the American West.

*  Intersection of Interest by Steven R. Pendery

On the common ground of archeological sites and historic landscapes.

*  Wisdom Sits in Places by Keith Basso

For the Western Apache, place speaks its own language.