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common ground

Speaking Nation to Nation
Summer/Fall 1997, vol. 2 (3/4)

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*  Feature articles

(photo) Yankton Sioux delegation arrives at the White House, 1905.

"[Glacier Bay National Park] was founded in the spirit of John Muir, with a strong tradition of scientific inquiry [and] an historic focus looking only as far back as the arrival of European explorers. Perhaps it was this short-sightedness that led to many of the conflicts to come."

"The Bay in Place of a Glacier," Wayne Howell

*  The Meaning of Consultation by C. Timothy McKeown

Forging a new relationship with Native American groups.

*  A Common Cause on Common Ground by Alexa Roberts and James E. Bradford

The National Park Service and Native Americans follow the letter of the law and find its spirit.

*  To Go the Extra Mile by C. Timothy McKeown

Because of one misstep--ignoring the consultation provisions of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act--a multimillion dollar water project has yet to be built, even though local tribes support it.

*  New Language for a New Partnership by Dave Ruppert

That National Historic Preservation Act, despite its shortcomings, was a critical first step in a new relationship with American Indians.

*  Good Faith by C. Timothy McKeown

A recent case illustrates what good faith means in working with native groups.

*  Due Process and Dialogue by Mark Schoepfle

Environmental justice and giving voice to native concerns.

*  Telling the Whole Story by Rosemary Sucec

Giving equal time to the native perspective in our national parks.

*  The Bay in Place of a Glacier by Wayne Howell

The spirit of consultation thaws relations between the Park Service and Native Alaskans.