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common ground

Raising the Hunley
Summer/Fall 2001, vol. 6(1)

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*  Feature articles

(photo) Underwater archeologist working on the Hunley project.

"The Park Service preserves and interprets our cultural treasures . . . If you have great resources you have great opportunities for interpreting them to the public, and research feeds the dynamic. "

"Threat to Knowledge," Bill Lipe

*  Casting for a Solution by Joseph Flanagan

Cape Cod National Seashore plays a central role in the lives of local surfcasters and off-road-vehicle users, who for years have found personal fulfillment there. But to them, Park Service decisions sometimes seem arbitrary, ill informed, and influenced by “outsiders.” That’s one of the findings of a recent ">NPS study, part of a push to reach out to those with traditional ties to the parks.   

*  Raising the Hunley by Joseph Flanagan

The story of the Confederate submarine Hunley, raised from the sea in a remarkable investigation, is astonishing in many ways, not least for the cooperation that made it possible.   

*  Threat to Knowledge: An Interview with Archeologist Bill Lipe

The parks have long played a leading role in advancing archeological research, says noted scholar Bill Lipe. Today, he believes, the preservation successes may threaten the flow of knowledge and, ironically, the reason for saving sites in the first place.