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The State of the States
Summer 1999

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(photo) Native American tribal member circa 1908.

"There were more battles, skirmishes, and troop movements [in Tennessee] than in any other state except Virginia. And that . . . is reflected in the potential number of sites. "

"Seeking Sites," Sam Smith

*  Seeking Sites: An Interview with Tennessee State Archeologist Sam Smith

A look at Tennesseeís effort to document its vast Civil War legacy.

*  For the Generations to Come Program by Cynthia Stiles

How Wisconsinís Lac du Flambeau Indian community became the steward of its own heritage.

*  Rethinking Preservation by Carol Heathington

Balancing preservation and intensive land use in the archeology-rich state of Arizona.

*  New Digs for Old Artifacts by Julia A. King

Maryland invests in a state-of-the-art archeological conservation lab.