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common ground

The Earliest Americans
Spring/Summer 2000

Online Archive

*  Feature articles

(image) Paleoindian Hunting Scene.

"Some Paleoindians witnessed catastrophic drops in the Great Lakes from levels far above to far below today. They saw a landscape transformed on a scale we can scarcely imagine."

"The Midwest," Michael J. Shott

*  The First Immigrants by Robert S. Grumet and David S. Brose

The evidence is elusive, rare, and fragile. Archeologists have long sought clues of the continentís first inhabitants. Now a landmarks study, coupled with a flood of findings, promises to reshape what we know.

*  The Midwest by Michael J. Shott

Entering a landscape undergoing environmental tumult, the first people in the Midwest made great strides with little at hand. Archeologists face a similar challenge in plotting a course to knowledge.

*  The Northeast by Dena F. Dincauze

With the extraordinary amount of information gathered over the last 15 years, archeologists are looking beyond traditional excavations to learn more about the first people of the Northeast. The research potential is enormous.

*  The Southeast by David G. Anderson

Questions outnumber answers, but with its evidence of intensive innovation and social development, the Southeast is a well-stocked laboratory for studying the nationís first peoples.