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common ground

Investigating Ecosystems
Spring 1995, vol. 8 (1)

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*  Feature articles

(photo) Archeologist in the field.

"The public has spoken: save our forests . . . At the U.S. Forest Service, that means taking a more holistic view of America's woodlands--their past as well as their present. Enter archeology."

"Both Artifact and Habitat," Sandra Jo Forney

*  The Archeology of Ecology by Bill Lipe

Far from waiting for the Industrial Revolution, human beings have been agents of change in the environments of North America for at least 12,000 years. Why we must take the long view in managing ecosystems.

*  View from the Top of the Planet by Michael Kunz and Robert King

Ancient hunters occupied Alaskaís Mesa site during a time of radical climate change. Study of the site may fuel the global warming debate.

*  Both Artifact and Habitat: The Nature of Our National Forests by Sandra Jo Forney

Even if a forest is long gone, archeologists can often detect evidence of it in the sites and artifacts that remain. This fact has far-reaching implications for restoring and sustaining the nationís woodlands.