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common ground

Preservation on the Reservation [and Beyond]
Fall 1999

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(photo) Grandmother and granddaughter, both members of British Columbia's Heiltsuk tribe.

"Of the 300-plus languages indigenous to what are now the United States and Canada, nearly a third have disappeared. Only about a quarter of those that survive are being passed on to children. [Without intervention] all of these languages will fall silent within the next few decades. "

"Reclaiming Indigenous Languages," Teresa L. McCarty and Lucille J. Watahomigie

*  Preservation on the Reservation--Revisited by C. Timothy McKeown

Federal legislation--and a resurgent sense of identity--have brought native groups a greater role in preserving their heritage.

*  A Decade of Change by Al Downer

How Native Americans have become enfranchised as stewards of their past and keepers of their future.

*  A Show of Commitment by Rose Kluth

From the start, Minnesota's Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe built a preservation program with roots in the community.

*  Essence of Identity, Symbol of Survival by Rosita Worl

The survival of subsistence cultures is remarkable given the continuing conflict between developers and traditionalists.

*  Traditional Roots, Modern Preservation by James Nason

As in the Euro-American tradition, native peoples have always had sanctuaries for their past. And like their western counterparts, these institutions are evolving with the times.

*  Masked Hazard by Jessica Johnson

When the Peabody Museum found three sacred masks contaminated with arsenic, a warning signal went out to all those involved with repatriation.

*  Reclaiming Indigenous Languages by Teresa L. McCarty and Lucille J. Watahomigie

Native groups are going to inspiring lengths to save disappearing languages.

*  Return of a Language by William H. Wilson

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park hosts one of the most successful language comebacks.