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Teachers and Learners

Historic places have powerful and provocative stories to tell. As witnesses to the past, they help students of all ages gain an empathetic understanding of what happened and why. Sharing the stories of these real places and the connections they represent also contributes to creating a new generation of citizens committed to historic preservation.

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Teaching with Historic Places (TwHP) is a program of the National Park Service's Heritage Education Services office. At the heart of the TwHP program is a series of online classroom-ready lesson plans based on properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places. All of the lesson plans are available on the web for use by teachers at no cost. Each lesson contains a variety of historic documents, maps, and visual materials that students study in detail. A series of questions helps them analyze what they have seen and draw conclusions about how these historic places relate to important historical trends and events. Each lesson includes connections with national history and social studies standards. At least one of several activities in most lessons leads students to look for historic places in their own communities.

A monochrome pot from Bandelier courtesy of Park Museum Management
Developed by the NPS Museum Management program and modeled on the Teaching with Historic Places program, Teaching with Museum Collections focuses on the “real things” in NPS museum collections to connect students with their past, rich and varied cultures, momentous events, inspiring ideas, and the places where the Nation's history happened.

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The NPS Archeology Program has a website devoted entirely to kids http://www.cr.nps.gov/archeology/public/kids/index.htm , where students can learn more about who archeologists are and what they do. Another archeology website, http://www.cr.nps.gov/archeology/PUBLIC/teach.htm provides links to lesson plans on archeological topics and other guidance for teachers interested in bring archeology into the classroom.

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Heritage Education–Louisiana, a program developed by teachers for teachers, is the pilot project for the National Center for Preservation Training and Technology's Heritage Education Initiative. Classroom teachers, preservation specialists, and education specialists work together to ensure that the program encourages a preservation ethics at the same time as it trains teachers in innovative and evolving educational theories and techniques. Heritage Education–Louisiana helps teachers create lessons and activities based on local archeological sites, historic structures, and cultural landscapes.