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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

The National Park Service celebrates America's rich Hispanic history and culture with Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 - October 15.

See For Yourself

Image of the Barela-Reynolds House

Visit one of several National Register sites dedicated to hispanic cultures - including the Ernesto Memorial Chapel in Puerto Rico and the Pilson Historic District in Illinois. Visit Parks and Travel Itineraries for Hispanic Heritage.


For Teachers

Image of a children's picture of flags

View Chamizal National Memorial teacher information, traveling trunks, online lessons and other resources to enliven classroom discussions. Explore all Teaching With Historic Places Lession Plans.


Inside Stories

Image of the Freedom Tower in Miami

Ellis Island might be the most famous entryway to America, but Miami boasts a more recent chapter in the immigration story with the Freedom Tower. Learn more about the American Latino Heritage Project Theme Study.



Image of a Mexican-American dancer

Learn about the Friends of Tumácacori
This partnership not only helps to protect the church and historic mission grounds, it helps preserve the cultural history of the people who lived in the mission community by funding interpretive programs of the Park . More people...



Image of Fort Jefferson in Florida

Explore Latino stories and their legacies in the travel itinerary on American Latino Heritage. This page includes parks, National Register of Historic Places - many of which are designated National Historic Landmarks. Explore other itineraries and even More places...



Image of Cesar Chavez

Learn more about César Chávez and the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee (later the UFWA then the UFW, AFL-CIO), who began organizing farm laborers at Forty Acres in the 1960s. More stories...



Image of art at Chamizal

Chamizal National Memorial exhibits artists whose work not only reflect the history and/or landscape of our border region, but also ties directly to the park's mission of commemorating the amicable resolution of a long standing border dispute between the U.S. and Mexico. More collections...



Image of the Spanish Colonial Research Center webpage

As a way of recognizing our Spanish colonial past in the area of present-day United States the National Park Service established the Spanish Colonial Research Center in 1986 as a partnership with the University of New Mexico to preserve hispanic culture. More preservation...


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