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    Harpers Ferry Center

Publications Approval Process

The Virgin Islands brochure showing numerous Illustrations

The Natural Resource Challenge four-color report.

If you plan on producing a publication that discusses Park Service policy or has more than one color, please contact your Regional Public Affairs office and your Regional Publications Coordinator (who will be someone in the contracting office). A "DI-550 Publications Approval Form" might be required. If you have further questions about the publications approval process, please contact us »

You can review or download the Department of Interior "Departmental Manual, Part 314, Printing and Publications" from the DOI Manuals Table of Contents. If you would like to receive a hard copy, contact your Regional Printing Coordinator. Dept. of the Interior Manuals Table of Contents

The following is quoted from the "Departmental Manual, Part 314," Chapter 1, section 5D:

  • The approval process must assure the following:
  • A need for the product is clearly identified.
  • The product does not duplicate others already in existence.
  • The target audience is identified and the product is produced for that audience.
  • The product is cost effective and its expense is justifiable to the Congress, the Department, and the public.
  • The publications should be printed on recycled and/or recyclable paper stock whenever possible. The recycled paper symbol (or a statement) should be clearly visible.
  • The information contained is accurate—data and statistics current.
  • The product is prepared in a manner that does not suggest lobbying or impacting legislation or budgetary decisions.
  • The product does not endorse commercial products or entities.


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