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Heritage Tourism

Heritage tourism is a growing industry and vital to many economies. The Texas Historical Commission defines heritage tourism as, “travel directed toward experiencing the heritage of a city, region, state or country. This travel enables the tourist to learn about, and be surrounded by, local customs, traditions, history and culture.” Below are some resources available that explain the benefits of heritage tourism, case studies, and heritage tour plans.

The National Trust provides much guidance on heritage tourism. From case studies to workshops to “how-to” publications, their heritage tourism page offers valuable information.

Partners in Tourism, a coalition of organizations with an interest in heritage tourism, provides many resources on getting started in heritage tourism.

The National Park Service’s Travel Itinerary series includes a recent itinerary focusing on Latino heritage sites. Plan a trip!

Louisiana State Museum Cabildo, New Orleans
Louisiana State Museum Cabildo, New Orleans

National Heritage Areas (NHAs) are designated by Congress as places where natural, cultural, and historic resources combine to form a cohesive, nationally important landscape. Through their resources, NHAs tell nationally important stories that celebrate our nation's diverse heritage. NHAs are a grassroots, community-driven approach to heritage conservation and economic development.

Stretching from Albuquerque to the Colorado border, the heritage area includes Santa Fe, Rio Arriba, and Taos counties. It encompasses a mosaic of cultures, including the Jicarilla Apache, eight Pueblo tribes, and the descendants of Spanish colonists who settled in the area beginning in 1598—a generation before the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock.

Northern Rio Grande National Heritage Area


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