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Preservation Organizations

Partnerships are the key to many preservation activities. This page provides a glimpse at several of the national preservation organizations that partner with the each other, the National Park Service, and communities on preservation programs.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is the nation’s leading voice for historic preservation. Through advocacy, outreach, and grants, the National Trust saves and protects America’s historic places.

The National Trust also provides grants to encourage preservation at the local level.

The Trust also provides a list of state and local preservation organizations as compiled by the National Trust.

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation is an independent Federal agency that promotes preservation and advises the President and Congress on national historic preservation policy. They provide valuable information about the national historic preservation program and how the Advisory Council works with Federal and State agencies to advocate for historic resources.

Historic Preservation Offices

Each state has a State Historic Preservation Office, a government agency responsible for identifying historic properties, nominating sites to the National Register, reviewing federal projects for their impact on historic properties, and providing preservation assistance to federal, state, local, and private agencies. Your SHPO will provide guidance in preparing National Register nomination and technical and grant assistance with preservation projects.

Each Federal agency has a Federal Preservation Office tasked with identifying historic properties under the agency’s control, nominating sites to the National Register, and taking into consideration the effects of the agency’s projects on historic properties.

Tribal Historic Preservation Offices perform the same function as SHPOs.

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