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American Latino Preservation Toolkit

What does Historic Preservation mean for American Latino Communities?

Historic Preservation is an eternally optimistic, inspiring field intent on improving present and future quality of life through the appreciation of our built and cultural heritage. Historic Preservation is architectural history, community planning, historical research and surveys, oral history, archeology, economic revitalization and so much more. Quality of life, sense of place, pride of place – it’s all connected to historic preservation.” Preservation in Pink

Colorado Preservation defines historic preservation as the “stewardship of the important places from our past, including buildings, structures, sites, districts and landscapes.”

The City of San Francisco notes that historic preservation is, “a strategy for conserving significant elements of the built environment in order to maintain a tangible physical connection to the past".

Whichever way you define it, historic preservation is present in and relevant to every community in the United States, including yours. This toolkit is provides users with information about popular historic preservation tools. Whether you’re just interested in learning more about preservation or facing a threat to a historic place in your community, this website can point you in the right direction.

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