Your Story is America’s Story: Heritage Initiatives

We Americans have always been characterized by our diversity, marked by nation of origin, ethnicity, race, language, and every other imaginable category.

Americans now and in the future deserve to see themselves -- however they describe themselves -- in the story of America. As we learn about the contributions of fellow Americans, we learn to appreciate and value our diversity and each other.

As part of our effort to tell the stories of all Americans, the National Park Service has launched a series of heritage initiatives.

These heritage initiatives are multi-faceted projects exploring ways in which the legacy of underrepresented groups can be recognized, preserved, and interpreted for future generations. One way is through broader inclusion in both the National Register of Historic Places and the National Historic Landmarks (NHL) Program. Accordingly, these NPS programs are playing a major role, with NHL Theme Studies and designations acting as a cornerstone for the initiatives.

Each of the NPS Preservation programs have a role to play in documenting and celebrating the full diversity of America.

We invite you to explore the rich diversity of our nation’s heritage. Use the drop down menu to the right to find specific heritage initiatives and the features below to find tools and more.

For Property Owners

Property owners interested in understanding how federal listing may affect them are encouraged to read the brochure, My Property is Important to America’s Heritage. What Does that Mean?